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I am a content creator, author, writer, conversationalist, and influencer whose goal is to constantly engage progressive, raw, and unfiltered narratives. With a passion for inspiration, elevation, and creativity I love to encourage and assist the development of others. I spread a contagious spirit of inspiration and motivation to all those I encounter. As a speaker, writer, moderator, and podcaster I bring a necessary perspective to any dialogue.



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As an advocate for creative, self, mental, and spiritual empowerment I am always looking to expand my voice and support in various arenas.  I am the perfect complement to any conversation and I also push the culture forward with a cool, raw, and relatable influence. Contact me for any speaking engagements, panels, interviews or to moderate your event. I also love to align with creative and engaging brands as a brand ambassador. Feel free to reach out.


Sh!t I've Learned In Route to 30! E-BooK

I'm officially 30! Here's a lesson guide on how I got here.


Fragmented Reality

The official first physical book release from Free The Vision, Fragmented Reality is now available. Click here to get your copy.


Get This In Your Life.

Great advice doesn't always come from great advisors, and I haven't always taken my own advice. Sometimes the lesson is the process. In this brief look at some points that helped me transition to higher levels, you'll find how growth can sometimes make you a hypocrite to what you thought you knew, as well as some great advice for achieving better results. 

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