October Said, Wait.


The month of October rolled in with a lot to offer. From day one, there had been an overhauling sense of good news and progress. Some of the hardships of September seemed to be being rectified with new opportunities that were far greater than anything I felt I loss. Then nearly halfway in the momentum began to slow, and patience was forced upon me with no way to retreat. I had gotten to a point where I literally had nothing else I could do. 

I am pursuing one of the largest moves of my career right now, and God knows it would be a surreal dream come true. My faith, and the God inspired signs, has driven me to relentlessly believe in this. There's a couple lessons I've learned from this very short period of time.  

1. If you're dreaming big, you're competing big.  

Not only with others, but mostly with yourself. Whether that competition be for your sanity, increasing your wisdom, taking on tasks you never have, or just working to step into arenas you've never had access to. The larger the dream the more you will have to apply your faith in God to guide you into the places that have yet to materialize like your vision is showing you. 

2. Give enough information to get information, but keep the details to yourself.  

This is a lesson I'm still learning & feel I don't tend to pass all the time. I have a trusting and open spirit. I like to share things with people when I feel excited, but every is not looking to assist you. Some are looking for their next breakthrough & you never know how desperately. It's ok to tell them you're still ironing out the details and as they become more solid you will touch back with them. 

3. When you are forced to be patient, work on trusting the process & letting go of doubt.  

This surprisingly was hard for me. I've always credited myself as a very faithful person. I encourage others to "just believe" and "watch it happen". This time I needed to take my own advice and I barely could. Day in and day out I checked for answers, prayed (begged) for swiftness, & rode an emotional roller coaster until I was exhausted. And guess what....I still had nothing I could do but be patient. The answers came no quicker, only God giving me serendipitous moments to affirm - be still, trust, & watch me work. When you're left with nothing else to do, you do nothing. Find peace in quiet transition. 

By no means have I become a master teacher of these principles, honestly I'm writing about them because I'm still working on them, but I feel as if progress is being made. I can sense that despite me watching the clock like a kid on the last day of school, I'm gaining peace in watching the season change. Everyone is looking for something that makes things better than they've been, but sometimes those great things need to marinate before they can be enjoyed.