Confidence vs. Arrogance


            Arrogance (n.) - having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities

Confidence (n.) - a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities:

Is it just me or does it seem society has away of creating a narrative of who should be appreciated and who is common? Often times, people who have faith in themselves to push beyond the odds without compromising their value are perceived as arrogant and difficult. Especially when those beliefs don’t come with public notoriety and agreement. The problem with this is people on a common level tend to struggle deciphering confidence against arrogance. The average person tends to seek validation in external sources. Their achievements are under celebrated if others do not edify them, and they tend to feel as if progress is dependent on the investment of others.

So many people would argue that we must be humble, without knowing exactly what being humble is. Being humble is being grateful in the midst of all things; it’s understanding you’re great without overshadowing others, and instead, lifting others to share the progress with you. It is the flexibility to celebrate the moments of others while your moment has yet to arrive. Being humble is NOT dimming your light to make others comfortable. It is not silencing your voice because others might be offended. It also is not pretending that you’re not proud of yourself because it might come off too joyous. We have to counter the culture of false humility and watered down positivity at the sake of others feelings. Emotions are not facts.

Confidence says I am capable of greatness. Not because someone tells me so or because I am being complimented in this moment, but because I believe in the talents and gifts that I possess, I believe in the God I serve, and I believe that greatness is a practice. Confidence is a magnet; it draws others to you and encourages them to tap into the confidence within them. Confidence is a demeanor and a collective energy. The biggest misconception is that you gain confidence by seeing your “faith” come to life. Instead, it is reversed you gain faith by seeing your confidence manifest your visions. Confidence propels, arrogance repels.

Arrogance is a delusion. Arrogance makes you think there is no one more important than you and forces you to live in a space where no one wants to join. Arrogance is the reaction to an underlying fear of being undervalued. It does its best to mask its insecurity with a false sense of assurance. It’s loud and obnoxious. It is not friendly it is partial. Arrogance is the divider between progress and regression.

When we were all born we inherited the Earth. Everything from its glory to its problems is ours collectively. There is nothing on this Earth, of the humankind,  that we do not have the ability to partake in unless we place limitations on ourselves. Our greatest asset to achieving is the confidence in our faith. The confidence in our abilities. The confidence in our passions, and the confidence in our being. We are not defined by fickle opinions, we’re defined by the acceptance or rejection of them. If you come to a crossroads like we all do, and you’re asking yourself if you are confident or arrogant…look around you and see if those closest to you are encouraged or suppressed by the energy your giving them. Let your confidence grow you beyond your limits.