My Attention Span F*cking Sucks…

When I think about how easy it is for me to get distracted, I get somewhat frustrated with myself but like a true self-analyst (just a fancy word for more time consumption) I had to think about surroundings and the state of the world I’m in. It’s no secret that with all of the social media, news, music, & content outlets there are a plethora of things to engage in so now the new groundbreaking path to productivity is not multitasking but honing & focus.

Despite my conspiracy theories, some very logical, about the purposeful growth of weapons of mass distraction I recognize that with any advancement people find a way to over indulge. Regardless, I find myself needing to do things immediately or I will surely forget. I have the, “What was I about to do-” syndrome kinda often. Yet I realize I’m not the only one.

It’s my theory that — as we have taken technology out of the lane of being a tool and moved it over into being a dependency we are losing our self-sufficiency. It’s kinda like, why think when you can google? Why talk when you can text? Why remember phone numbers when you have a phonebook? Why exchange names when you have social media handles? The whole thing is just different.

So now my attention span has taken a hit, and so I started to pay attention to the news and noticed how even they seem to jump around quickly. Everything seems to be moving quicker and with less time spent on development. We’re a fast mass production society. Sacrificing quality for quantity. Honestly, I don’t quite know the purpose of this post…but I felt like I needed to let this thought out. I’m sure there are quite a few people who feel the same way. I will say this, consistency is the key to the door of productivity.

In other words, even though our attention spans may need critical work the only true way to become more engaged is to practice paying attention. If we allow our attention span to dwindle we’ll sacrifice our awareness. To some degree, our attention span feels like a link between all our progress.

By the way, I took a break while writing this to make lunch lol. See what I mean, everything is all ass backwards. Blessings & Productivity to you.