God Does Answer: Prayer & Response

Tonight, like many nights/days before it, I sit and think about how blessed I am to see the manifestations of faith. Before I go into this topic I am aware that there are fundamental &!ideological differences on how people interpret what some of us call, God.

I know there are cynical views, unanswered questions, scientific enthusiasts, religious differences, & countless other dogmatic views on what God is. But for this conversation, I am referring to the immeasurable & inconceivable entity that responds and interacts with the open-minded faith driven individual in search of the inexplicable experiences, fruition, & existence of life.

For me, we can debate ideology & doctrine but the concept of there being a God is indisputable. Often times I find myself in a position where there are words & emotions within my heart that I am compelled to release but not exactly to someone specific but to some THING specific. It is my belief that because we on Earth, including the Earth itself, have life then the entire Universe must too be alive. Envision the universe as a mansion/compound and the Earth is just a room or guest house within it. Our existence then becomes completely parallel to all of the existence within the entire system of which we live. We don’t get caught feeling pompous about being the only life force, instead, we are a replica of an already alive network in which we inhabit. Many would argue, the universe is what others call God — in my belief, the universe is just a physical existence, much like us, of a much larger Creation that “felt” compelled to develop a work of mystery & art that can never be fully understood or contained.

Now enough of the disclaimers, to the message…

As I envision time to be a place where numbers don’t exist all we have is existence itself, I begin to feel the ability to tap into the ever molding source of this time-space. To me, God is the manager, not human figure but systemically, of this entire life thing — so much like when you are faced with an issue or have a great praise of a circumstance and you want to escalate to the highest level you seek the manager, this is how prayer & God works.

We have are no small creature subjected to the direction and disruption of people in higher positions than us. We ourselves are change agents. We are collectively and individually able to reach beyond the realistic, extremely temporary, realm of reality and begin to manifest a future much better than the present that we are currently experiencing. We are full of dreams and visions of a world made better. We are imparted with the gift of connectivity to the source. I’m a firm believer and experiencer of the results of prayer. Not only is the process cathartic but the results are miraculous.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were determined to see a positive and favorable result, then you found yourself rewarded with what you were seeking? This process is the call and response of prayer. The first half of the word question is quest and as we begin to humble our thoughts to surrender our preconceived notions of what is possible or definite we find that the world’s magic is much more vast than the human opinion. I speak to God in a very literal form, with the expectation of a response. I release my prayer and begin to look around as if I just got off the phone with someone who said, “I’m almost there.”

I look for the arrival of what I asked for. I ask specifically so when it arrives I don’t have to question who sent it. I anticipate that it will manifest from with affirmations of the thoughts I had about it. I am the vessel of effort but God is the author of response. Cause and effect is a universal law, but we do not know how every cause will effect us or how/what it will manifest. In a realm of infinite possibilities, even probabilities are up for debate until they reveal themselves. As a creative individual nothing excites me like seeing my dreams begin to leave my mind and arrive in reality. Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing a prayer be answered.

Our dreams are just reality on standby waiting for your actions met with faith to manifest them. We can be rescued by our dreams. God is such a magnificent Source that the human mind can never begin to understand all the dots that are connected to make things happen. I believe sometimes the whole world has to be aligned for some of our visions to come to pass. Whether it’s getting yourself in front of the right person or getting your idea released at the perfect time. In order for those things to happen, that person had to wake up that day & make it through various possibilities just to arrive at you. This amazes me and gives my heart such gratitude.

Ultimately, the process of faith is one of much discovery and even growth. This post is not to tell you how to live or even what to think. The purpose is to assure you that there is a route to manifestation. There is an entity that favors the progress of your prosperity. There is an answer to your questions. There is a result to your request. There is a response to your prayer. I have found the quickest way to receive it is to undoubtedly believe it by anticipating the answer. LITERALLY, after you open your eyes and release — approach your next moments with anticipation of arrival. Wonder to yourself, “Ok God who/what form will this answer come in?” Search for the signs of affirmation they will be running your way. I am one of the most imperfect beings, but the quality of God is not dependent on our perfection — but instead it is based on our connection. Through this connection, we will find better sides of ourselves we had never met before. I encourage you all who read or see this, be open to knowing you are worthy of the fulfillment of life and in that package is a connection to the Host of Life itself. May your blessings arrive quicker than your doubt.

Free The Vision hosting the opening night of the Jermaine Clark Exhibit

Free The Vision hosting the opening night of the Jermaine Clark Exhibit