She Deserves More Than a Day: Mommy

From, Shank.


Sacrifice – n. • an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy

My mother sacrificed for me. My mother gave her body, her time, her mind, and sleepless nights. My mother sacrificed her life for me, her money, her dreams, and even her being. She decided to never be the same not mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. She let me live from in her, to with her, and I would never leave her dreams or prayers. I am the product of sacrifice.

Internally, the blood and skin that is "I" was built from the inside-out. Now, I thank my father for his identity, tone, talent, & delivery. His stamp and immeasurable contribution...but a mother's nourishing breast and distress are priceless. Her inability to separate from the moment conception infiltrates can never be replaced. I have searched every language, connotation, and denomination - and still, I cannot find the word to define the absolute Divinity of motherhood but God's design- so I say thank you. Thank you for your life and your time...

My mother sacrificed for me. She gave her literal blood, sweat, and these words can be written here, and over the years I pray from my mouth to center of God's heart, priority, and ears that I will be able to pay you back with love, financial freedom, and success that is limitless. To you God, I'll give it my best. May greatness be forever awake, and peace always at rest in our lives. My mother, I am the living and breathing example of your sacrifice.

Thank you Ma.