Work is a Magnet, Here's How...

I have been having a lot of conversations as of recently with my creative and entrepreneurial friends, and I keep arriving at this point - work is a magnet. For anyone who has ever pursued a vision that they felt could better their lives, they know it is not easy. Damn that, it's extremely hard. There are days where the emotional roller coaster doesn't seem to end and the lows last longer than the highs. Trying to figure out where we're heading or how to strategize to the next point can be psychologically challenging. We also know the route is a jumble of attempts, failures, and lessons learned.

Nonetheless, work is a magnet. We all know consistency is a major key, but literally, your work attracts opportunities. No one knows who all is watching, inspired, or thinking of us at any given moment. Likes don't translate to actual numbers of engagement. Once we create a piece of work it lives on its own. It's like a child we have raised and we're confident and proud enough to allow them to explore the world. Once they are released into the world they meet new people, gain new perspectives, inspire new perspectives, and share experiences we could never have imagined.

The work brings about a transitional connection between you and whoever encounters it. In other words, I have found when people discover your work they don't always immediately address you. Instead, they watch silently. You never know who is watching. Yes, I am repeating this point. It's truer than we realize. Someone with the ability to change your life, whether currently or in the future, could be completely engaged with what you are doing without you having any clue they're interested. Furthermore, your work (when it's effective) has the potential to motivate people in ways that you may never understand. Yet, the law of reciprocity states when someone does something nice for you, you will have a deep-rooted psychological urge to do something nice in return. As a matter of fact, you may even reciprocate with a gesture far more generous than their original good deed. 

With the law of reciprocity in mind, if you have impacted someone's life through your work it will invoke an urge in them for them to support you in whatever way they can. This is what makes work a magnet. The magnetism is its impact. The fact that it has been created now gives it the ability to travel finding those it is intended to draw inward. Undoubtedly you will have to push, promote, and strategize the work but the age old saying - let the work speak for itself - is only a representation of the magnetism that comes with doing what has to be done, showing instead of telling. 

This is a lesson I believe heavily in, but I am continuing to learn. I want to be authentic and honest about my journey/process. I too get that urge to celebrate small victories before they have completely hatched. Which is a lesson I spoke about in my e-book "Hypocrites Know Best", there's a power in shutting the f--- up and getting your work done. I have heard it said, ideas are most fragile in their before they have been nurtured into stability treat them with care. I sometimes still stumble here. Regardless, I know as long as quality work is done quality opportunities will come.