Confessions of a Caterpillar


I've been thinking lately. I watched the slow consistent motion of a caterpillar and couldn't help but to feel a bit of relativity to its life experience. The crawl was very slow but nonetheless, the progress was undoubted. Speaking of myself, specifically, there are many areas of my life that feel out of balance at times. I am also learning that some of my cravings & even weaknesses are rooted in my gifts but the challenge is finding how to maximize as well as shift them to better serve me. 

There are days where I feel like I too am crawling through life aimlessly trying to get to this visualized ideal but not knowing which direction it is in. Then I thought on a spiritual level, the caterpillar is later rewarded with flight for it's crawling. It will no longer be restricted to the tedious travel and forever on it can reach places it never could imagine before. I found comfort in this. I just know a life that I have yet to experience that I dream of is being lived by someone not too far in distance from me. I think of the parallel lives of humans and how I am praying for abundance someone else is completely unaware that a need for that prayer exists. It's all they've ever known.

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Essentially those people are like birds to the butterfly. Some people were born with the privilege of flight and some had to crawl for it. I know that progress can only live ahead of me. I know better/best is only forward. This is non-debatable. I often say to God, it is not my doubt of "IF" that creates anxiousness within me - it is the "how" & the "certainty" that fuels impatience and frustration. I owe people the fruition of a better life.

Nonetheless, I'll be humbly thankful for any stride I've made until I can fly through my own forest of life having emerged into butterfly status.  I wonder if butterflies remember being caterpillars?