Congratulations, Failure.


I don't know that I could have found a better gif to fully express the feelings of being congratulated in the midst of a major failed attempt. I often discuss the concept of the "highlight reel" - which is the how we curate our social media. We tend to focus on our wins or present minor moments as extravagant gains for the world to boost our self-esteem through giving us likes and praise when honestly things are not exactly as they seem or at least there's more to the story than the post can show.

For me, 2017 ended in a very awkward space. Outwardly, I had worked diligently to achieve some of the most progressive goals for my "brand" to date. I worked silently for months on a party that I just knew would catapult me into a new level of success - instantly! I had taken a lot of risks over the year and I had truly shot for the goals I had been envisioning for many years, but despite the efforts and even the achievements things didn't exactly turn out the way I expected. What many people don't realize is, when working toward your purpose/passion you are gambling and sometimes with very little and when that gamble is not profitable you take a hit that might take you some time to recover from. 

During that recovery, you might be getting the recognition and notoriety from outsiders but no one but you knows what it took to get where you are. Everyone might be in awe of your brand new Porsche but don't realize how much work it needs internally. While the support you receive is very genuine, for you it could be hard to receive when you're wondering what's next or as you're strategizing to stabilize after facing some major pitfalls.

You hear countless successful people say, "failure is a part of success" and they're right but the impact of it does not become any less painful. So I've decided to give you some insight on the lessons I learned along the way - alright, here we go:

  1. Don't underestimate a task, and don't overestimate a result. - It's necessary to have a target but doing the work is the most important part of the process. You won't know the outcome until it's over.
  2. The work leads to the lessons & the blessings. - You will learn the things you need to know along the way and the rewards are just icing on the cake.
  3. A job well done is not always reflective of a mission achieved. - You can do everything in your power and still miss the mark, or in reverse, you can hit the mark & have done everything wrong. 
  4. Mistakes are hard to cope with but they're investments to better productivity. - I made a lot of mistakes on my first run with some of the endeavors I pursued and those mistakes were painful but they built muscle for when I have to approach these experiences again. 
  5. Congratulations, accolades, likes, and any other outside influence is just noise don't let it manipulate your focus. - Take the positive noise as inspiration to continue, and the negative noise as the inspiration of who to avoid in the process but never let the hype manipulate you or the goal. 

It took me awhile after some of the losses to be genuinely proud of myself, and I can't say I fully am just yet, but I am proud I got to experience what I did. I am also proud that I went after what I wanted without fear and I refuse to allow this to breed fear of ambition into me.

Nonetheless, I received messages from all over explaining how largely what I created impacted the people who experienced it and how thankful they were they had the chance to experience my work - for that, I am fulfilled and I will celebrate that without question. Below, you can check out the episode of my new podcast Uncivilized Gentleman where I go in depth on some of the things that happened and more lessons I learned for anyone attempting to jump into this entertainment world.